I’ve been terrible at posting… honestly, I still have good intentions of following up with a post on all of the 2013 World Food Prize events I attended (Frances Moore Lappé, Jim Hightower, Oxfam farmers from Africa, Dani Nierenberg) and a lot of the other great speakers I heard on campus last year (Ricardo Salvador, Sandor Katz, Ray Archuleta, Wes Jackson, and many others), unfortunately, my coursework and research keeps getting in the way.  So quickly, I was talked into joining Twitter last winter and use it to re-tweet a lot of the interesting, random, exciting, depressing, inspirational articles I read related to food, agriculture, climate, and environment in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world.  It’s kind of a Friday “Food News and Sustainability Update” thing via Twitter.  You can find me at @mariav_agroeco .  Re-tweets aren’t endorsements, etc., just articles (or headlines) that were interesting to me.

Finally, I wanted to quickly share an op-ed written by Mark Bittman that was published in the NYT on May 28 about Olivier De Schutter, the out-going United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.  I have been reading a lot of his reports and am impressed at his position on promoting structural change within the food system, specifically focusing on agroecology to promote sustainable food systems (my own research interest).  I thought Bittman’s piece described well why I’ve enjoyed learning more about agroecology and the work done by De Schutter.