I’ve been away for awhile… and as a result I’ve missed out on some things I was really looking forward to blogging about: SNAP and the Farm Bill in Congress, the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and the release of [several] articles stating that science has “discovered” that most of the Earth’s problems are a result of human activity.  I finished teaching summer school about 90 minutes ago and have been trying to re-discover the clips of articles and  I’ll try to work on that this weekend and into next week.  (I’ve also got a grant deadline next Tuesday–so I promise I’ll try to get back to this blog soon.  If you want to see where I have been blogging lately though, check out rescatandonuestramemoriaguatemala.wordpress.com don’t worry–only the blog title is in Spanish.)

In the meantime, here is something to bring a smile to your Friday afternoon/evening: