About 10 days ago, I moved the lettuce (stem) from a jar of water to the bottom of a 2-liter bottle (to keep it from becoming submerged).  Today, sadly, I have to report that the lettuce stem turned brown shortly after the switch and I’m about to compost the lettuce that we grew during the last three weeks, as the lettuce leaves have also started browning.

the lettuce today (06-06-2012)

I don’t really think of the lettuce experiment as a failure (even though we were unable to harvest anything), because it was definitely working and I’m going to attempt this again, now that I have a container that will prevent water from taking over/rotting the stem.  We picked up red lettuce at the grocery store this afternoon, so if the green lettuce ever takes off outside, we’ll have quite the salad!

A final farewell to Lechuga.