Feeding America reported this morning that the Farm Bill is currently under debate in the Senate, if you’d like to take action (I hope so!), here’s how:

The Senate is currently debating the next Farm Bill, which provides funding for our nation’s hunger-relief and nutrition programs. Tell your Senators we need a strong Farm Bill that protects and strengthens these vital programs. Please call 877-698-8228, enter your zip code, and deliver this message:
“As your constituent, I urge you to protect the hunger-relief programs in the Farm Bill. Specifically, I ask that you support Senator Gillibrand’s efforts to restore the cuts to SNAP and oppose any amendments that would weaken hunger-relief programs such as SNAP.” (from Feeding America)

Last week the Environmental Working Group released this information for taking action (click here).  Regarding the Farm Bill, EWG states,

As it’s now written, this bill will continue to give away tens of billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies each year to the largest industrial commodity farm operations, which are wreaking havoc on our environment.

Meanwhile, the programs that invest in local, organic and healthy food and protect our natural resources go drastically underfunded.

When the bill comes to the Senate floor, there will be an opportunity to amend it to redirect billions of dollars from crop insurance subsidies to nutrition, conservation and local and healthy food programs.

But it will only happen if your senators hear from you. It’s time to break the farm lobby’s long-standing grip and make sure that Congress hears the voices of citizens like you who want your tax dollars to support a healthy and more sustainable farm bill.

So please take action TODAY!  1 in 6 people in the U.S. already struggles with hunger, it is time to invest in programs that lower this number, not increase it.

(image from fairfoodnetwork.org)