It’s actually only been a week since I last shared an update about our houseplant, Don Juan.  While he hasn’t shown any signs of new leaves this week, he’s definitely enjoying his new location on the bookshelf where he gets a few hours of full, direct sun every afternoon/evening.  I was a little worried about what the sun would do to the root system (which continues to grow at an amazing pace), but so far, the whole plant seems to be doing well.  One month (exactly) after starting this experiment, the plant continues to grow in a glass jar filled with room-temperature tap water (still no plant food).

Enjoying some direct sunlight
(27 May 2012)

View of the root system
(27 May 2012)

The lettuce (now named/referred to as “lechuga”) started tipping in its jar this week, so it was moved into the base of a two-liter soda bottle.  I’m not sure if being slightly submerged in water (until I noticed and pulled it back up) is the source of the browning edges of the cut part of the lettuce, or if that was bound to happen with time.  So far, the new location seems to be more functional and the plant seems to be doing well, although because of its size, new growth isn’t as obvious as it was during the first few days of the experiment.  The lettuce also seems to enjoy the full, direct sun it gets each day. (No plant food, just tap water at room temperature.)

Lettuce Experiment (27 May 2012)

The container plants outside haven’t fared as well this week.  Last Saturday when I transplanted them it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside, two days later we reached 90F, then dropped back into the 40s (F), and for the last three days the wind has been 25-40 miles per hour…  Most of the plants we bought last week are holding on, but they’re really struggling… to the point that I brought the Gerbera daisy inside yesterday.  I gave them all a healthy dose of plant food today, so hopefully that encourages them to hold on until the wind dies down.  According to the forecast that should happen tonight and the rest of this week the temperature is supposed to be in the 70s, that will be great for the (surviving) plants to finally have a chance to get established without crazy weather affecting them.

the Gerbera daisy (currently indoors)
27 May 2012

these lobelia are doing well; the basil tasted fantastic at dinner, but all are feeling the effects of three days of strong winds… (27 May 2012)

(27 May 2012)

(27 May 2012)