Saturday was the Denver Master Gardeners’/Denver County Extension’s annual plant sale: Plant-a-Palooza.  They’ve got a fairly good mix of plants that range from $2-5 each.  The current Master Gardeners class is also on hand to answer questions and explain how to plant/care for your plant purchases.  Last year we bought different kinds of tomatoes and chiles, but living on the south side of our apartment building and a chilly spring didn’t really result in a successful (container) garden harvest.  In July we moved to the west side of the building, this spring has already been much warmer and we get direct sunlight, but we opted for flowers this year (and some lettuce and basil). We’ll be moving again this summer, but aren’t sure how much sun the new apt balcony will get, so we thought this would be a safer option that we’ll get to enjoy, even if it isn’t eaten.

I know that some of these plants will likely need bigger pots/more space as the summer goes on, but for now I planted with the pots I already had on hand.  We’ll make adjustments as needed, but here is a current view of our plant-a-palooza-ed balcony:

Cosmos & Lobelia

purple coleus

lobelia, corsica violet, cosmos, vinca vine

cosmos, corsica violet, vinca vine

gerbera daisy

cosmos (which will outgrow this container soon), sweet basil, and salad mix (lettuce)


It was pretty chilly/rainy here yesterday (about 48 degrees F when I planted everything), so hopefully when it warms up again in a few days the plants take root and start to fill up their new containers.  I’ll post some pictures of their progress again later!