Last night, after spending the whole afternoon/evening grading AP Spanish practice essays (the big test is next Tuesday if you want to send some positive vibes to “my” students–they could definitely use them), I accidentally closed the window I had all of the links in for today’s blog post instead of minimizing it.  Sorry.  Since I still have 6 essays to go (and my goal is to finish them today, instead of this weekend), I’m not going to go looking for articles I skimmed at the beginning of the week.  Again, I’m sorry.  But–here are a few of the articles I came across earlier today that I’m happy to share:

  • put out a call to action this afternoon that everyone contact their Senator to pass the Water for the World Act, which will provide 100,000,000 people around the world with first-time access to safe drinking water and sanitation on a sustainable basis within six years.  The results are dependent upon the U.S. acting, so let’s get moving–the link has everything done via Twitter or Facebook, we’ll all be logged in at some point today, so let’s take the 3 minutes to cut/paste and add our own names.
  • Bread for the World reported this week that some members of Congress are promoting the idea that every church in the U.S. should come up with $50,000 (for the next ten years) to replace/fund the hunger programs Congress is not willing to continue supporting.  Here is a petition if you think programs like SNAP should continue to receive funding.
  • Metro CareRing in Denver will be the kick-off site of the Cake Crumbs Bakery’s Denver Pie Truck (you know, one of those trucks filled with food, you just walk up and they’ve got something amazing waiting for you?  yep, one of those!).  The truck will be at Metro CareRing on May 15 from 4-6pm selling mini pies ($6-7) that will help feed low-income families in Denver.  For every pie purchased, the Denver Pie Truck/Cake Crumbs will donate four meals to Metro CareRing!  It’s definitely a win-win situation: pie and a great cause!

With that, happy weekend!  Be sure to celebrate all of the little victories we’ve experienced through the last week and think of ways to pro-actively change the challenges we’ve encountered!