Bread for the World published an article on Tuesday about a new report that confirms SNAP reduces poverty.  According to the study by the USDA, SNAP reduced the poverty rate by nearly 8 percent (the most recent year data was available for the study).  There is a link on the site to take action, as SNAP and other programs that are vital to poverty and hunger-reduction are currently being debated in Congress.

ONE launched a new campaign called on Tuesday to call on the G8 countries to bring hunger issues to the front by investing in country-owned plans to ensure 50 million people escape poverty through agriculture and 15 million children no longer endure chronic malnutrition, when the summit meets in May.  Agriculture in the developing world is expected to be a big focus of the summit.  Below are several links from ONE about the “Thriving at the G8 Summit” Campaign.

The last article I wanted to share this week (there are fewer, I’m in the Midwest and didn’t bring my computer, so I didn’t spend as much time this week surfing the web) is this article from knowledge is power news about Peru’s 10 year ban on genetically-engineered foods.

With that, happy weekend!  Be sure to celebrate all of the little victories we’ve experienced through the last week and think of ways to pro-actively change the challenges we’ve encountered!