[Before I get started, I want to post a quick disclaimer that this isn’t a promo for Solar City (www.solarcity.com), but they are the first/so far only company I’ve gotten to learn about, so they are the only company I can reference.  What follows is a bit of information from my own learning experience, not necessarily the best or only option, but an option.]


A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a Solar Party, thrown by our friend who is about to put solar panels on her rooftop.  Solar City is one of the largest solar companies in the U.S. (although not working in all parts of the U.S.) because they make using alternative energy (in this case, solar) affordable to everyone.  They also work with you through the whole process–deciding whether your house will be a good fit, how many panels to use to meet your needs (without going crazy beyond them), as well as installation and maintenance.  Solar is made affordable because Solar City uses a 20 year financing system–you get money, they get money, the energy company you use gets money (thanks Obama for the alternative energy bills!)–and everyone is happy. Especially our friend whose energy bills are about to drop dramatically.

We’re currently renting, so going solar isn’t an option at this point (our utilities are included in rent, so we couldn’t even answer how much our monthly bills are), but we were both really excited to find out that solar is being made accessible to the average person for when we are able to own our own home.Image